“We must work together to create a new education system in which business development, technologic advancement always serves the planet first, before it serves the consumer”

Zach Bush MD.

My Journey

Down to earth yet out of this world. From her passion for great food to her love for growing it and being connected to nature. Amie loves life and works continually forward living her dreams. Having big dreams gives her power and serving others is the secret ingredient. Amie trained as a culinary chef in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada and worked her way up. Amie soon realized the power of food and the connection between nutrition and health which led her into studying further at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. https://CSNN.ca

Further realizations led Amie to discovering the connection between wholesome foods and the soil it grows in, which set her direction into learning Organic and Biodynamic farming methods. This was a life changing adventure for Amie because she left Nova Scotia and embarked on a 2-year journey down under in a program called willing workers on organic farms. The next exciting thing Amie started exploring was spirituality and community living and all of the different belief systems that each had were very fascinating to her opening her eyes to more and more every day.

Amie soon realized she was looking for something particular she could use to serve the humanity, plants and animals on a deeper level and learned that consciousness was the key. Leading her to discover Avatar she finally started to integrate all of her life lessons giving her the ability and power to help many life forms at many levels of consciousness form the soil to the collective and beyond.


Amie is proud to be a Wizard, Chef, Nutritionist and Grower. She has put together in this website content she feels is valuable to others, hoping to inspire inspiration toward living a healthy, happy fulfilling life with appreciation and gratitude.

Through the Education of Individuals:

Through Teaching of the

Holistic Philosophy of Health Care:

Through the simplicity of Wholesome Foods:

Through Respect for Ourselves and Others:

Through Respect for Our Planet:

We Will-Heal Ourselves: Heal Others:

Heal Our Planet: and… Ultimately

Advance the Evolution of Mankind

Danielle Perrault R.H.N. C.H.N.

Founding director of CSNN

Find out how Amie finally discovered everything she needed to live her authentic life, honor her deepest desires, and create opportunities out of thin air.

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