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Trained as a professional chef and holistic nutritionist I value the production of food, how its grown and our bodies relationship to the quality of soil our food is grown in. Mindful eating is great way to be present and love your food before putting it into your body, this is another level of eating I believe we can all improve on. 

Foods can have such an effect on our lives at early ages from the time we are in the whom till we are learning to take care of ourselves out in the world. It can bring communities together and have great healing benefits to the body, mind and soul. Food is as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink so being mindful about our food is of high importance. Spend your money wisely, support healthy food production by purchasing their products. 

We’ve spent too many years not caring how we spend our money when it comes to food, buying the cheapest we thought was helping our present moment situation but in turn it just adds to our lack. We’ve created some interesting beliefs around health, money etc., there are many things people can do to obtain healthy food and start directing their money to support their future more. I believe listening to your body’s needs is crucial to your health. I like to work with world-wide flavors and create meals, menus and recipes specifically for people’s individual needs and tastes. 

For the past 5 years I’ve worked on Mega yachts cooking for a variety of families from around the world and I am currently available for freelance Jobs, catering gigs, cooking classes, consultations and making recipe books and meal plans for families tailoring recipes to help them consume top quality foods for their specific needs. I believe listening to your body’s needs is crucial to your health.

10 Tips for Mindful Eating

1.     Ask your body what it needs and listen for the answer

2.     Follow through with buying what your body needs

3.     Be creative with your food

4.     Reflect, notice how you feel, prepare yourself to stop and relax

5.     Bless your food for a couple mins before you eat it give gratitude

6.     Sit while you eat

7.     Chew well, 30 times, practice putting your utensils down while you chew.

8.     Serve small portions

9.     Pay attention to taste, smell, texture, and when you feel full

10.   Enjoy eating in Silence occasionally, purposefully focusing your attention on the present can

help you embrace companionship and connectivity.

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Some Delicious Recipes

10 Tips for planning a Dinner Party

  1.  1. Decide of the style of dinner you wish to have, Buffet or Individually served courses.

Buffet style

  • 2. Gather data from your guests, Allergies, likes / dislikes.
  • 3. Compose Ideas, consider the season.
  • 4. Research Recipes using search engines such as Cookn’ App, Pinterest, Instagram, or cook books.
  • 5. Choose some recipes that excite you to make and can be kept at a safe temperature during your buffet service. Keeping hot items hot and cold items cold. Keep in mind to balance flavors that go well and complement one another.
  • 6. For Buffet I usually do 1-2 proteins, a starch such as rice, pasta or potato and about three sides hot and or cold. And any sauces or condiments that accompany the dish.
  • 7. Once your menu is decided, print out your recipes, create a grocery list. You can also categorize into dry and fresh ingredients if it’s a large dinner party so you can have someone help you shop or you can do it into two shops.
  • 8. Ensure you have proper cooking pans and buffet chaffing pans for the items on your menu. If you don’t have make sure you get what you need well ahead of time. Gordons food supply’s carries buffet service items.
  • 9. Next you can make a list of items that can be made ahead of time 1-2 days ahead. Especially dessert if it’s served cold. Make a detailed to do list for 3 days before your dinner, each day accomplishing the specific tasks and prepping for success. On the day of Dinner, you want decide at what time you want your table prepared, buffet area set up, kitchen cleaned dishes washed and put away and all food ready. So that you have time to clean yourself up and maybe have a drink while waiting for your guests to arrive.  I find the best way to plan is to work backwards from dinner so you know exactly how much prep time you have the day. Also assigning someone to help clean and tidy your home the day before dinner can help free your attention so you can focus on the food.
  • 10. Depending on how large your dinner party is, make sure you have someone assigned to help you clear plates after guests are done dinner and place them in dish washer. This makes for a nice transition to dessert. Also, you may want to possible assign another helper or the same helper to clean up buffet area once guests are finished with Dessert so you can focus on enjoying your guests.

Platted style 

  • Tips are the same except be sure to have the all the dishes you will need for each course. A helpful tip for smooth services in between courses is to have your starter cold and ready plated in fridge the same with your dessert that way you’re ready to rock. Also, for your main course you can have most of it ready and held at temperature till service, Sous vide is a great companion in the kitchen for cooking meats to perfect temperature and then you’re left with just searing before serving. Be sure to have an assigned helper to help you clear plates between courses and place in dishwasher.


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